Say Goodbye to Event Overwhelm.

Your team’s been working for months - maybe even years - on something spectacular, and you’re ready for it to get the attention it deserves. You’re convinced a launch event is the way to go, but you’re not at all confident about making it happen. So many details have to perfect. No one on your team has the time, energy, or talent for a project of this scale. And you’re feeling overwhelmed. Don’t you wish you could just walk into a perfectly planned and executed event?

You can.

We’ve developed 1,500 stress-free events in the last 15 years for hundreds of industry leaders across North America. Let’s exceed your guests’ expectations!

We’ll craft and deliver your exclusive event. All you have to do is show up.

This is your moment. Let’s make it memorable.

 Patricia Gamboa


Patricia was born in Manila and has traveled and educated throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America in search of fresh ideas...for food, for entertainment, and for fun. She has worked in several facets of the hospitality and events-production industry and received acclaim for her ability to educate, to entertain, and to host.

Patricia was internationally educated in Los Angeles, Chicago, the Philippines, England, and Switzerland. Graduating from the prestigious PAREF Woodrose School in Manila.

She rounded out her education at Bellerbys College in Brighton UK and received A-levels in Fashion Photography, Marketing, and Economics. She studied costume design at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. She received her formal chef’s education at the Center for Culinary Arts Manila.

In 2003, she established Patrician Company, a special events and brand activation company, serving clients in real estate and land development, automotive, lobbying, and banking sectors. Today, her Irvine-based team serves clients in more than 15 states.

Most of Patricia’s friends dubbed her a serial entrepreneur for over the years she has established, grew, and sold several brands that have spun off from the mother ship of Patrician Company.

Cluster Truck Events, a broker service that wrangles gourmet food trucks for large-scale events, festivals, and product launches.

iHave5Qs, a real time, iPad-based consumer intercept market research company.

Pitched by Patrician, a social engagement hyperactive company that connected brands with influencers, crafted social voices, and used various social channels for meaningful storytelling.

Working Woman’s Food, a blog crafting thoughtful weekly menu guides focused on the wellness, schedule, and lifestyle of a working woman.

Patricia does not live at the office or at an airport for she calls Orange County home. On the margins of her work life, she is an avid runner, a spin class devotee, and Pilates mainstay. Oddly enough, Patricia is also a certified yoga instructor. Her three loves are writing, traveling, and eating.