We do the work. You enjoy the results.


There’s nothing worse
than hosting an event that falls flat.

The catering’s late, the food’s less than impressive, and the presentation is uninspired.

  • There’s nowhere to put the trash when the event ends.

  • Guests aren’t sure where to go or what to do because there’s not enough staff available.

  • Potential sales are lost because guests have no reason to stick around.

  • The entertainment is stale and the sound system is inadequate for the venue.

Don’t waste your budget on blah.

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Some people just know how to craft the perfect experience..

We are those people.

So you’re in charge of the launch. Congratulations! You must be one of those trustworthy, detail-oriented, get-it-done types. But if you’re anything like the hundreds of industry leaders we’ve worked with over the past 15 years, you’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed.

You want to produce something truly special—an event to remember, an experience that’ll have people talking about your brand for years. And you have an inkling it’s going to take a ridiculous amount of work to pull this thing off.

Here’s an idea: How about we pull it off for you?

We’ve developed more than 1,500 premium events—from intimate dinner parties for seven executives to awe-inspiring celebrations for 45,000 people. We have experience in all sorts of industries: automotive, building and development, entertainment, public entities, and nonprofit organizations.

What can we plan for you?


The patrician plan for flawless events


We’ll design an extravagant event that meets your goals and exceeds your guests’ expectations.


We don’t just find you a caterer and rent some chairs; we attend to every single detail—from go-time to clean-up.


This is the best part: We do all the work to indulge your guests. You simply enjoy the results.

CHOC Children's Mental Health Inpatient Center Grand Opening

Save Live Music Irvine 

Strike Out Slavery

SL 70 Grand Opening


You could do this event yourself.

(But do you really want to do that?)

You’re bright and capable, so you could absolutely design an event—probably even a good one. But if you’re looking for a flawless, memorable, “that was amazing” experience for your guests, you’ll have to:


Come up with a fresh idea.

  • Manage a thousand tiny details and a dozen vendors.

  • Secure permits.

  • Watch your budget like a hawk.

  • Work your tail off on event day.

  • Sacrifice a whole lot of sleep between now and then.


Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Not to us. We’ve got this.