Overflowing with fresh ideas.

Patrician Company was founded in 2003, to bring a new approach to event planning.

Our founder Patricia Gamboa started with a keen eye on delivering events that delight. Over the years, we have worked with our clients and partners to manage large scale events of over 45,000 people. We have also served intimate dinners for as few as seven guests. And everything else in between.

Our philosophy balances strategy and whimsy. Let us entertain, indulge and inspire you.

Events can open people up to new ideas, to changes and progress. Sometimes you want something fun, sometimes you need something significant. We take care of all the details while finding new ways to delight.

We believe in balancing the importance of the event alongside the celebration. There is a hopefulness that connects us all together, and it’s in the important moments that we can move things forward.

Your event is a moment and a milestone.

Patrician Company will make it one to remember.


Patricia Gamboa

Describe your role here at Patrician Company? 
My Linked In says, 'Founder and CEO'. I have no idea what that actually means. That’s just what I say to keep the character count to a minimum, I suppose. My role at Patrician Company is making sure I model hospitality well. Serving our team members and clients only with my very best. Breeding fresh ideas, attending to every detail and seeing all those pieces come together. 

Favorite part of your job? 
When I sit with our event planners and start painting a picture of what an event could look like. How does the event serve the client's purpose? What yummy things would we serve? How do we make the event different? How do we make it pretty? Love, love, love the ideation part of my job. 

What’s the one thing you could not live without? 


Alexis Della Ripa

Describe your role here at Patrician Company? 
I’m the senior event planner and I’ve been planning unique and unexpected events at Patrician Company for almost six years.

Favorite part of your job? 
An awesome team and creative freedom when designing an event. 

My signature drink? 
Extra dirty martini with blue cheese stuff olives.


Katie Warren

Describe your role here at Patrician Company? 

I am an event planner who leads the charge against everything from multi-day masterplan community grand openings to non-profit awareness campaigns. If Patty is the “wow” and Alexis is the “how”, I’m the confetti in between!

Favorite part of your job? 
Getting to work alongside some of the most hilarious, kind, and creative women I’ve ever met!

What’s the one thing you could not live without?
Heeled booties.


Jill Wooten

Describe your role here at Patrician Company? 
Event Coordinator 

Favorite part of your job? 
I love events. The opportunity to gather people and create an incredible experience for people is my love language!

If you were a tropical fruit, what would you be and why? 
Pineapple from Hawaii – because who knew the real thing was that phenominal?!