• Patty Gamboa

    What do you most value in your friends?

    The ability to make me laugh so hard I start crying.

    What is your pet peeve?

    People who overcompensate. If you have the goods, you have the goods. If you don’t, you…um…don’t.

    What phrase do you most overuse?

    Call me.

    What’s your guilty pleasure?


  • Desk-AlexisDellaRipa

    Alexis Della Ripa
    Event Planner

    Where would you like to live if you could?

    I would love to live in a home over looking the ocean or on the ocean. California has amazing weather and to be able to wake up and look out my window or walk outside and have the ocean in my backyard would be my dream .

    What’s your motto?

    “I Can I Am I Will” from The Secret. I love this motto because it revolves around the confidence in yourself that you can do anything, having a positive attitude, and taking chances knowing that you will be able to do anything you put your mind to.

    What is your go-to meal?

    Avocado Toast all day everyday.

  • Desk-KateCullen

    Kate Cullen
    Accounting Associate

    What is your motto?

    “Slow down there, speed racer” – Will Farrell in Step Brothers. I am always thinking about what’s going to happen instead of what is happening. This motto reminds me to be in the moment.

    What is your greatest extravagance?

    A veggie burger with fries and a side of honey mustard dressing at Houston’s. I could eat this everyday. My favorite meal.

    What do you most value in your friends?

    Honesty is the most important value for my friends and family.

  • About

    So you want to throw a party?

    There’s the venue, the guest list, the invitations, the hors d’ oeuvres and cocktail menus, your flowers, decor, maybe some mood lighting, definitely candles, a note worthy playlist (if not live entertainment) … and that one kitchy element that makes it all so memorable. Need I go on?
    It’s your event. Your party is a signature of how you cater your guests. Are you introducing a new offering in the market? Are you celebrating a milestone? Are you simply saying thank you to your people and telling them how awesome they are?

    Fete Accompli. It is done.

    At Patrician Company we turn nothing into beautiful somethings. It all starts with a blank canvas and a small idea. All sorts of dandy images are pulled together and a very pretty vision is formed. We then go to work – pulling together the relationships we’ve nurtured to execute a vision so carefully crafted. Orchestrating a vision to elevate our client’s brand and cater to their guest’s every need.

    We serve to our hearts delight not because we have to, we ought to, we need to, or we must … We serve to our heart’s delight because we may do that for you, for your client’s and for our client’s guests.

    Only as good as our last event.

    We live this every day. Around here we work fast. Overflowing with fresh ideas. Always pushing the envelope. Every event, every milestone is a finger print, all experiences are custom made for you.


    1. Catering
    2. Bar service
    3. Decor
    4. Environment
    5. Music and Entertainment
    6. Furniture
    7. Photography
    8. Videography
    9. Food Trucks
    10. Invitations
    11. Photo Op
    12. Event staff
    13. Lighting
    14. Merchandise
    15. Geronimo Balloons
    16. Signage
    17. All things sweet
    We do parties brilliantly. Corporate parties. Fashion shows. Grand Openings. Catered Dinners. Anniversaries. Community picnics. Cocktail parties. Groundbreaking ceremonies. Sporting events. You name it. We can make it happen.


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      Working Hard from A to ZZZZs

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